Student travel grants

Csaba Horváth Young Scientist Award

About the Award

The purpose of the Csaba Horváth Young Scientist Award is to honor the memory of Professor Csaba Horváth as a father of HPLC and mentor of young scientists in chromatography, furthermore to encourage the participation of young scientists in the HPLC Symposium series and their visibility as key contributors to the meeting. The award is a cash grant of $1000-$1500 US and a trophy engraved with the winner's name. The winner will also be invited to give an oral presentation at the subsequent HPLC symposium. This competition is held annually. The award is sponsored by HPLC, Inc.

Eligibility Criteria

Scientists under the age of 35 at the time of the proposed lecture (only with oral pres.) at the HPLC 2011 Budapest Symposium are eligible. Candidates will provide evidence of eligibility (e. g., passport, driver's license, verification by thesis adviser, etc.)

Selection Process

The Scientific Committee selects eligible abstracts for the oral program. A panel will then judge various presentations chosen by the committee and choose a winner. The winner will be announced at the closing ceremony.

Student travel grants

In order to facilitate the presence of young scientists, a number of travel awards will be presented by various organisations to students who will present either an oral or poster contribution at the HPLC 2011 Budapest Symposium.

HPLC Inc. Student Travel Awards Program

HPLC, Inc., a non-profit corporation managed by the U.S. members of the Permanent Scientific Committee of the HPLC International Series of Symposia, will provide travel awards to Ph.D. students or post-doctoral fellows conducting research with professors in universities throughout the world. These yearly awards commenced with the HPLC 2006 meeting in San Francisco.

Travel awards will be presented to students who will present either an oral or poster contribution at HPLC 2011 in Budapest, Hungary. Up to 5 travel awards of $1,500 each will be presented to U.S. students or postdocs and up to 5 travel awards of $500 each will be presented to European students or postdocs. Candidates must certify that they will not be receiving any other travel awards to attend the conference.

We invite you to nominate one candidate from your group for such an award. The candidate must attend HPLC 2011 in Budapest and present either an oral or poster contribution. The nomination packet must be emailed and should consist of:

1. Nomination letter from the professor describing the research to be presented at the meeting,  
as well as an evaluation of the progress of the candidate in his or her research project,
2. Copy of the abstract and abstract number submitted to HPLC 2011 by the candidate or on
his/her behalf by the professor,
3. CV for the candidate, and
4. Statement that the candidate will not be receiving any other travel awards.

The committee deciding on the awardees will consist of the directors of HPLC, Inc.: Dr.'s Frenz, Guiochon, Hancock, Karger and Yeung. The final decision of the committee will be communicated to the candidate and professor by late April, 2011.

We encourage you to submit a nominee for these travel awards. In this way, we hope to help develop the next generation of scientists in the liquid phase separation area. Nomination packets must be emailed by March 31, 2011 to Prof. Edward Yeung at for consideration for an award for HPLC 2011.

Edward S. Yeung, Ph.D.
Secretary-Treasurer, HPLC, Inc.

CASSS Travel Grants

CASSS will sponsor 5 travel grants (1,000 USD each) for the HPLC 2011 Budapest Symposium. Applicants must be PhD candidates or academic post-docs, with preference given to candidates studying at institutions outside of Europe. Interested candidates may apply by emailing Stephanie Flores at Please enclose a letter requesting consideration for the grant, a letter of recommendation from an advisor, and a PDF of your abstract. Deadline to apply is March 31, 2011.

Pfizer Student Travel Grants

Pfizer will award travel grants to qualified abstracts. To be considered for these grants please submit abstracts for consideration by clicking here. Winners will be selected by the Scientific Committee from eligible submissions in a pharmaceutical analysis category.