Program and Topic Areas


The scientific program will include plenary, keynote lectures and contributed oral presentations on original research. An essential part of the scientific communication will be the presentation of posters with the discussion of the most recent advances in the field of separation science. The short courses, vendor seminars, and tutorial lectures will introduce the latest developments and current trends. An attractive social program will complement the scientific program.

Topic Areas

New Technology

Column technology and stationary phases
Miniaturized separation and microscale detection systems
Chip based separations, microfluidics
Novel detection techniques and detectors
New instrumentation for LC

Advances in Separation Techniques

Multidimensional separation techniques
Hyphenated separations: LC-MS, CE-MS, and LC-NMR
Ultra-high pressure LC
High-temperature LC
High-efficiency and high-throughput separations
Electrodriven separations

Fundamentals of Separation Science

Theoretical models and insights
Retention mechanisms and retention models
Data analysis and chemometrics

Industrial Aspects of Separations

Preparative and process-scale chromatography
Supercritical fluid extraction and chromatography
Green chromatography
Regulatory issues
Quality by design

Life Sciences

Proteomics, metabolomics, glycomics
Biomarker discovery
Pharmaceutical analysis
Clinical, forensic, and toxicological analysis
Biopharmaceutical and biomedical analysis
Oligonucleotide separations


Chiral separations
Food safety
Environmental and agricultural analysis
Natural product analysis
Sample preparation
Polymer analysis